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Luke Shaw "has to improve" SBOBETto get into Manchester United's starting line-up, but Jose Mourinho claims he is staying patient as the left-back returns from his latest injury lay-off.
After shining for Southampton and playing for England at the World Cup, United made the full-back the most expensive teenager in history three years ago.
Shaw has managed just 48 appearances for United since the move due to a mixture of form and fitness issues, most pertinently the double leg break that brought his second season at the club to an abrupt halt.
The 22-year-old returned to the fold [/i]SBOBE[/i] last term but Mourinho publicly questioned his attitude, application and football intelligence during a comeback campaign ended in late April by foot ligament damage.
Shaw made his latest return to fitness as a half-time substitute in Wednesday's Carabao Cup win over Burton and, ahead of Saturday's trip to the defender's former club, the Portuguese said: "He has to work.
"I heard last week the Chelsea manager saying that, I heard Arsenal
managersaidthat.SBOBETThe players are not in their ideas, in their analysis, they're not in the best form after important injuries and long time without playing.
"Luke had surgery and a long time without playing football. I cannot expect him to be back and to be strong, strong, strong in his work."

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